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  • Why Choose Cambria Mortgage

    Why Choose the Joe Metzler Team and at Cambria Mortgage?

    The Joe Metzler Team has averaged a 96% post closing customer satisfaction rating over the past 20-years. That an amazing achievement.

    This is because we strive to put our customers first, and help them achieve their financial goals, not just do a loan. We work hard to gain your loyalty and trust by providing the best loan products and process, at a low price.

    Call us today and find out why our customers say we are the best!

    Respected Local Lender
    It's a competitive real estate market. You may unknowingly be hurting your chances of getting your offered accepted if the Real Estate Agents perceives your lender in a negative light, or if the Loan Officer fails to properly communicate with the Agents 24/7.

    Real Estate Agents prefer LOCAL non-bank lenders

    Real Estate Agents will tell you, they prefer local non-bank lenders with a great local reputation like Cambria Mortgage. They see how banks, and big out-state internet lenders operate. They know our pre-approval letters are valid, they know we will close your loan on time, and communicate with everyone along the way.

    This makes sellers more likely to accept your offer.

    We Work For You
    A bank or credit union only offers their own products, and that may severely limit you. We look across all viable loan options, including bank offerings, to make sure you are getting the most competitive deal in the market today for your individual situation.

    Simply put. We work for YOU, and you can trust our knowledge and expertise is always working on your behalf.

    Digital Mortgage Process, or In Person
    It's the 21st century. We offer all your expected wiz-bang technologies. Secure online applications, electronic signature documents, and secure document uploads. We also have a state-of-the-art mobile app with push status notifications and more.

    If all digital isn't your thing, we are more than happy to meet you in-person, and you can always drop off documents for your loan at any of our physical locations.

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