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  • Our Difference - Why use the Joe Metzler Team

    This is the largest financial transaction of your life. You shouldn't entrust it to just anyone.

    We know there is a Loan Officer on every corner, plus every one of your friends, relatives, and co-workers are giving you a referral - not to mention your Real Estate Agent pushing you to use 'there guy.'

    We know many people simply call the bank where they have their checking account, or the big internet lenders with constant advertisements.

    The truth is all lenders basically offer the same standard loan products, with the same underwriting guidelines, similar closing costs, and near identical interest rates. That is just how the mortgage world is.

    "All Loan Officers have great rates, competitive closing costs, and multiple programs. It's everything else you need to worry about." - Joe Metzler

    Where the gigantic difference is lays simply in experience or your individual loan officer, his processor, and the back office of underwriters.

    With over 40-years combined lending experience, Joe and Eric Metzler have the required experience, and have seen just about every situation possible. This knowledge and experience translates into not only getting you a home loan, but getting one structured to best meet your financial needs. This experience also shows in getting your loan safely from application to closing - on time, every time.

    Our company started in 1991, is multi-award winning, and consistently ranks as one of the top non-bank mortgage lenders in Minnesota.

    Let us show you why partnering with us for the largest financial transaction in your life is a great choice!

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